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Education for sustainability pyramid text only version

This diagram is a triangle.

The title, "Education for Sustainability" is at the base.

The left side of the triangle is a beige strip with the text "EFS principles".

The right side of the triangle has a beige strip with the text "EFS concepts".

Inside the triangle are striped layers.

From top downwards:

  • The tip of the triangle is sky blue with text "Whole school approach." Below this text, and contained inside this segment is a darker blue strip with the text, "Place People Programmes Practice".
  • The second section is light green with the text, "Effective teaching and learning in EfS." Below this and contained within this segment is a darker green segment with "Discovery [arrow] Integrate knowledge [arrow] Action for a sustainable future [arrow] Reflection." Underneath this segment is a darker green segment with the text "Assessment of EfS Learning."
  • The bottom segment is brown with the text "Learner outcomes".

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Published on: 02 Nov 2021