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Education for Enterprise introduction

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Education for Enterprise (E4E) is about promoting an approach to learning – one that is real, relevant, and gives students responsibility for their learning. 

Professional learning conversations

These questions and suggested actions encourage you to reflect on your own school context.

Education for Enterprise

The Ministry of Education defines Education for Enterprise as:

"...a teaching and learning process directed towards developing in young people those skills, competencies, understandings, and attributes which equip them to be innovative, and to identify, create, initiate, and successfully manage personal, community, business, and work opportunities, including working for themselves".

  • In what ways could an Education for Enterprise approach enhance the learning and achievement of your students?
  • How do the characteristics of enterprise education, including leadership, innovation, and risk-taking, fit with the graduate profile at your school?
  • How could you use an Education for Enterprise approach to foster stronger relationships with your school community?

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Developing an E4E school (PDF)
There are many entry points for a school to embrace an Education for Enterprise approach. Use the "Developing an E4E school" template to consider where your school stands currently, in terms of enterprise.


Education for Enterprise is a way of teaching and learning that sits across the curriculum, and in most cases centres on authentic learning experiences that take place both inside and outside traditional school boundaries.
It will help our students develop the skills that will enable them to better manage opportunities in their personal and professional lives; including working for themselves. Education for Enterprise inspires personal growth and promotes leadership, innovation, and risk-taking. These qualities fit naturally into a national character formed by our unique landscape, Pacific location, and rich and diverse culture. We’re a new thinking nation and Education for Enterprise will help us stay that way.

Published on: 19 Mar 2015