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Leading change at Weber School


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Leading change involves building a team together and around us all; involving everyone, the parents, the board, the children and the community.

We had meetings when we consulted about the curriculum at parents' homes in four main areas. We are saying to them we think they are important to what we do here.

It was the same with the teachers. If I wanted to go on a course about the curriculum I would do my best to involve all of the staff. There was never any one person going off and being the boss. We worked as a team to bring our ideas together.

In the classrooms we help each other and talk about teaching all the time. Being a small school makes a difference but we have had changes of teachers, which has made it difficult at times. We’ve all helped each other and built up the trust to go into one another’s classrooms without feeling as though you are being scrutinised or examined.

The children too are now sharing their journeys together. I think it builds the whole team effort, trust, encouragement and sharing of learning.

leading change

Published on: 23 Oct 2009