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Integrating graphic

Description: The integrating graphic comprises four circular sections. The outside section has two tabs at either end: the right tab says 'values' and the left 'principles'. This is the 'principles and values' area of the site. The second circular section (from the outside) is divided into the eight learning areas, and says (from top right to top left): 'social sciences' in purple; 'technology' in brown; 'science' in green; 'mathematics and statistics' in pink; 'learning languages' in light blue; 'English' in dark blue; 'health and physical education' in red; and 'arts' in mustard. The third circular section (from the outside) is divided into the five 'key competencies', and says (from the top): 'using language symbols, and texts', 'relating to others', 'participating and contributing', 'managing self', and 'thinking'. The last (inside) circular section says 'vision' in the centre, and has the words (from top right to top left) 'connected', 'actively involved', 'lifelong learners', and 'confident' around the edges of the section.

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Published on: 12 Oct 2007