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Ā Mātou Kōrero – Our Stories

Ā Mātou Kōrero | Our Stories is a series of illustrated storybooks that have been developed to support, reflect, and celebrate the Kiwi Muslim community in Aotearoa New Zealand. They are also a way for non-Muslim Kiwis to “learn about others, so that they are no longer others.”

The idea for this series was raised by Dr. Maysoon Salama of the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand, and the Ministry of Education, after the terrible events in Christchurch in March 2019, to support wellbeing and inclusion, resilience, and understanding for the Muslim community in Aotearoa.

The books are designed to be read to tamariki, by kaiako or whānau, and are intended for an audience of both Muslim and non-Muslim tamariki throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The series has been created for those in Early Childhood settings and at Level 1 of the New Zealand Curriculum, and is aligned with both Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Curriculum.

The focus of the series is on wellbeing and resilience, and promoting unity, diversity, and inclusion – and the kaiako support materials (KSMs) incorporate these purposes into the learning discussions and activities.

Book cover with elderly woman and young girl in garden.

Aya and the Butterfly

Aya and the Butterfly is a picture book to help children come to terms with grief, cope with change, and build resilience.

PDF icon. Aya and the Butterfly (PDF, 9 MB)

Written material to support Aya and the Butterfly book.
Kaiako support material

Aya and the Butterfly is accompanied by support material to assist with conversations with learners around the topics of grief and loss, and the cycle of life in general.

PDF icon. Kaiako Support Material-Aya and the Butterfly (PDF, 282 KB)

Curriculum links

Te Whāriki

  • Principles – Relationships | Ngā Hononga, Empowerment | Whakamana, and Holistic development | Kotahitanga
  • Strands – Wellbeing | Mana atua, and Belonging | Mana whenua

New Zealand Curriculum

  • Key competencies – managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing
  • Health and Physical Education – personal growth and development, personal identity, relationships, and identity, sensitivity, and respect

Key themes/messages/purposes for the series

  • Resilience – feeling sad, and remembering, but learning to keep on going
  • Coping with change
  • Community support, healing within families and community
  • Positive stories for Aotearoa New Zealand Muslim community
  • Belonging
  • Being inclusive
  • Acceptance and tolerance of differences (rejecting prejudice and discrimination)
  • “Learning about others, so they are no longer others”
  • Trying hard, coping with rejection, and still trying hard anyway
  • Empowerment
  • Unity

Updated on: 15 Mar 2021