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New resources add steam to Pasifika Education


Heading – “We were always scientists” – sits above a collage of a young girl from head to waist. The smiling girl is holding a coconut that has a waterfall spilling from it. Palm trees extend from her shoulders, and a drawing of a fale (house) is next to one of the palm trees. In the foreground just above the girl’s arm is a drawing of a woman holding a coconut. Behind her are smaller drawn figures of two women sitting on a woven matt. A bowl sits between them. Underneath that is the slogan “Your ancestors were innovators. Study science and carry their legacy into the future.”

Pacific STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths) resources have been added to Pasifika Education Community website. 

The new series, comprised of posters and videos, demonstrates how Pacific peoples were aways scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians.

Five short videos and downloadable posters illustrate how Pacific peoples embody innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness. The resources provide specific examples of STEAM within traditional Pacific island culture and practices.

Visit Pasifika Education Community to access:

  • posters – download PDFs you can display in your classroom and around your school
  • videos – watch online or through the QR code link on a mobile device.
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