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Cyber Skills Aotearoa logo.

Cyber Skills Aotearoa


Grok Academy and CORE Education are announcing the launch of Cyber Skills Aotearoa, a programme to help develop cyber security skills and dispositions in ākonga in Years 6-13. 

Students creating animations on digital tablets.

Technology in years 7–10: Case studies


See how three middle schools have integrated the revised technology learning area into their local curriculum. 

These video case studies show great examples of ākonga working together on challenging, authentic technology projects. The videos are accompanied by written resources that annotate each story, and unpack the key technology concepts, what and how ākonga are learning, and the steps that schools have taken to make their technology teaching a success. 

View the videos and read the case studies at Technology Online.

These case studies were developed by The Ministry of Education in partnership with the New Zealand Association of Intermediate Middle Schooling (NZAIMS).

Science Learning Hub logo.

The Science Learning Hub – Pokapū Akoranga Pūtaiao


The Science Learning Hub – Pokapū Akoranga Pūtaiao links New Zealand scientists with school students, teachers, and community audiences. They are a national project funded by the New Zealand Government to make examples of New Zealand science, technology and engineering more accessible and visible. To do this, they use a range of media to tell the stories of New Zealand research and development. Wrap-around teacher resources demonstrate how these stories can be used as contexts for creating relevant, engaging classroom programmes in science and STEM.

They have over 10,400 resources that showcase cutting-edge science and demonstrate how the stories of science can be used to enrich school teaching and learning, making it more relevant, engaging and meaningful. Below are a few examples of resources that have recently been developed with Otago University for the Aotearoa in Space Exhibition. Many more are available on their website.