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Leading mathematics teaching and learning in years 1–8. What principals need to know and be able to do.

Leading mathematics teaching and learning in years 1–8


You will have recently seen some new maths resources arrive at your schools. The resources have been designed to provide teachers and leaders with information about what is needed for ākonga in Years 1-8 to receive rich learning experiences and a full diet of maths education. A balanced maths diet is a quick reference sheet for teachers to support your curriculum design. The Leading mathematics teaching and learning in years 1-8 brochure supports school leaders on how to best support maths teaching in your school. These resources are part of the Ministry’s 2022 maths support package.

Download the brochures:

PDF icon. Leading mathematics teaching and learning in years 1–8 (PDF, 1 MB)

PDF icon. Maths poster (PDF, 2 MB)


Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy


Te Poutāhū | Curriculum Centre is strengthening our education system to ensure it consistently delivers equity and excellence for our children and young people. That means working towards a system where all ākonga can experience success, secure in their identities, languages, cultures, and values; and where kaiako feel confident and are well-supported in their practice. As part of that process, the Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy and its accompanying Action Plans have been developed for the early learning and schooling pathway.

The Literacy & Communication and Maths Action Plans identify the changes needed to make the Strategy’s vision a reality over the coming years. The actions have been informed by evidence and developed in collaboration with kaiako, whānau, communities, and iwi, and that collaboration will continue as work on the actions progresses. This includes making sure that the Action Plans align with and advance work already underway to support our ākonga and kaiako, including the refresh of The New Zealand Curriculum, the development of practice and progress tools for Te Whāriki, and changes to strengthen literacy and numeracy in NCEA.

For more information, including Action Plans and Roadmap visit: Ministry of Education: Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy

If you have any further questions, please email –  Literacy.Communication.Maths@education.govt.nz 

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Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy addresses inequities


Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | Ministry of Education is strengthening the national curricula and resources and supports for their implementation so that every child and young person’s progress and achievement is responded to and they can celebrate success in their learning.