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Christchurch terror attacks: Three years after

15 March 2022 marks three years since acts of terror shook our nation to the core. Many communities and schools will pause and reflect on what happened to remember those we lost and those who continue to be affected to this day. 

There are a number of resources that support safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments for all students, while celebrating the diversity of our nation. Additionally they can support students to appreciate the diverse cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and languages which comprise New Zealand.

Our national curriculum asks schools to reflect the values and traditions of all people in Aotearoa, and recognise all students’ identities, languages, abilities and talents (see New Zealand Curriculum principles). 

Resources supporting culturally diverse and inclusive practices in schools

Inclusive Education on TKI
Provides guidance for developing inclusive school cultures with whānau, and fostering positive peer relationships. 

School Leavers' Toolkit
For secondary students, the School Leavers' Toolkit includes a section on active participation in community and society beyond school.

The Same Game: A big book for reading 
Set in the familiar world of school, this book stimulates connections to students' own experiences and can motivate them to take action to create a culture of belonging in their community. Text, teacher support materials, and audio are available online.

Conversations with Aotearoa New Zealand's Muslim Communities
Following the 15 March 2019 attacks, the Minister for Ethnic Communities and the Office of Ethnic Communities met with Muslim communities across the country. This report presents the key themes from these conversations and identifies opportunities for addressing them.

Ā Mātou Kōrero | Our Stories

Book cover with elderly woman and young girl in garden.

Ā Mātou Kōrero | Our Stories is a series of illustrated storybooks that have been developed to support, reflect, and celebrate the Kiwi Muslim community in Aotearoa New Zealand. They are also a way for non-Muslim Kiwis to “learn about others, so that they are no longer others.” The books are accompanied by kaiako support material to assist conversations with learners around the topics of grief and loss, and the cycle of life in general.

Instructional series

Ramadan is Coming, School Journal Level 2, August 2013
Obay’s family has come to New Zealand from Saudi Arabia. The article describes his family’s daily life, then focuses on the activities that occur at Ramadan. Teacher support materials and audio are available online. 

My Name is Rez, School Journal Level 3, November 2017 
Rez Gardi was born in a Kurdish refugee camp in Pakistan and came to New Zealand as a young child, with her family. This graphic text is a memoir, looking back on her life so far. She is now a successful lawyer, a worker for refugees, and was the 2017 Young New Zealander of the year. Text, teacher support materials, and audio are available online.

Home – Stories from New New Zealanders, School Journal Story Library Level 3, 2018
This text tells the stories of four Avondale Intermediate students who moved to New Zealand from overseas. Interviewed by their teacher, the students share memories of what life was like in the countries where they were born (South Africa, Sāmoa, Pakistan, and Kenya), and they discuss what it’s been like adjusting to life in New Zealand. Text, teacher support materials, and audio are available online.

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New Zealand Curriculum Online
For more advice and resources supporting cultural diversity and inclusion in The New Zealand Curriculum, please visit the principles section on NZC Online.

Updated on: 03 Mar 2021