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Diana, Thanks for sharing your story. For me community involvement will be a really key step in implementing the spirit of the new curriculum. I've found in the two parent groups I've worked with in NZ recently (Otautau, Southland and Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast) that parents respond really positively to the NZC when they are helped in thinking through what they want from education for their children in the 21stC. Relating these changes to changes in their own working environments helps them make the connections.

Julia Atkin


Verty detailed and interesting snapshot. If I had one criticism it would be with your first value/ belief; ‘We value success/excellence - We believe learning at Waimairi is about excelling’. Then use of the word ‘excelling’ is fairly limiting as, by its very definition, is achieved by a minority. Perhaps a more inclusive phrase would be ‘Personal excellence’. Just a thought.

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