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For our kids

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Tamaki Primary School parents speak about what they want for their children. They know the importance of regular interaction with the teachers and they expect to know what’s going on at school, to be consulted, and to work with the teachers for the good of their children and the community.


They’ve got more opportunities now, to better themselves.

I want higher education for my kids and I want a life for them to fall back into the future. What we do is partnership between teachers and parents and with us helping from home we are trying to equip our kids for life.

As a parent we would like to know if they’re using the right curriculum, if our kids are on the right levels that they should be on and I know that is a big thing.

If you want a future for your life and family, you have to stand up and walk with your little ones. If you do your little part and someone do their part and this will be partnership.

We are here for our kids, they’re the future and if we can’t work with our teachers and find out what we need to do at home and what we need to reinforce at school and vice versa then without the home-school partnership we can’t do that and without the interaction with the teachers we can’t do that.

I am struggling financially, but I will make sure whatever anything to do with education, I will put my life in there for my kids.

Published on: 23 Aug 2011