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Strengthening local curriculum

New Zealand schools have the scope, flexibility, and authority they need to design and shape their curriculum so that teaching and learning is meaningful and beneficial to their particular communities of students.

This section supports school and curriculum leaders, and professional learning and development providers with the process of curriculum design and review. It includes information, research, tools, suggested areas of focus, and inspirational stories to help schools make decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum.


The Ministry of Education has developed this diagram to illustrate how to enact the National Curriculum. In New Zealand schools and kura, curriculum is designed and interpreted in a 3-stage process – National curriculum, Local or school curriculum, and Classroom curriculum.

The weaves in the diagram are hyperlinked. Use the links to access further information and support. 

NZC Schematic. Vision Values Principles Effective pedagogy Key competencies Learning areas National to local curriculum The New Zealand Curriculum

NZC Schematic

PDF icon. NZC Schematic (PDF, 2 MB)

Published on: 20 Nov 2019