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Karen _McCLutchie

Definite survival skills required in any community and especially in a rural community. A great way to kick start a year is to develop expectations on these key competencies on how we wish to be and be seen. These also need to be reviewed from time to time as teams evolve and used as a benchmark for review and situations that arise from time to time.


This is a good statement about the Arts and the key competencies, that arises from an authentic school setting. It is heartening to hear how much the Arts are valued in this school, both in their own right, and also for other learning.

My only concern is the statement about "developing a sense of literacy" through music, which may be interpreted as developing the skills of reading music notation, rather than a more generic interpretation of "literacy" as "interpreting and making meaning" through the arts.

  • Ann_Moynihsn

    Wish I was young enough to have children involved in what sounds like a pretty amazing program. Great presentation, Turanita. You articulated what the eportfolio is all about so well. Proud of you. All the very best to all those who are involved.


    Wow-thank you for sharing such a clear and well defined definition of inquiry learning that is 'living and breathing' in schools today. This is a must watch for all of those kaiako out there who are still trying to see the purpose and process of really good inquiry learning for our tamariki. Ngā mihi nui!


    This short video is really inspiring and gives clear explanation of what is inquiry learning and the essence of from knowledge to understanding. Understanding means kids can really take the ownership of what they learned and use them in some way. Just at the end it showed kids may show their understanding and use the knowledge in their life in different ways. And that is the key. They use the knowledge. They relate what they learn to their own life. Just as teacher relate the learning to kids' own experience. Great video clip.


    Thank you for sharing about the inquiry concept. You've explained it really well. I remember several years ago working in the education sector with an experienced work colleague who facilitated her class brilliantly in this manner. We both worked in a second chance learning institute for teenage kids who were no longer in college for reasons such as learning difficulties, at risk with the law, or gangs etc. The Inquiry concept taught me a lot about how powerful it is and how it can move individuals into taking ownership of their own learning in their world. I am considering going back into teaching.


    A very powerful, succinct explanation. I like how you draw comparisons with your own experiences of creating understanding. I have shown this to my team today and plan to show the whole staff tomorrow - it's very beneficial to hear how others define Inquiry. Thank you for sharing your story. :-)


    Kia ora Vic. Thank you so much. Our school is in the really early stages of KNOWING inquiry learning and despite two people running PD on it I still didn't grasp it. Guess what just from simply reading and watching your video clip. I am UNDERSTANDING!!!. Nga mihi nui kia koe!!!!