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Wow-thank you for sharing such a clear and well defined definition of inquiry learning that is 'living and breathing' in schools today. This is a must watch for all of those kaiako out there who are still trying to see the purpose and process of really good inquiry learning for our tamariki. Ngā mihi nui!


Thank you for sharing about the inquiry concept. You've explained it really well. I remember several years ago working in the education sector with an experienced work colleague who facilitated her class brilliantly in this manner. We both worked in a second chance learning institute for teenage kids who were no longer in college for reasons such as learning difficulties, at risk with the law, or gangs etc. The Inquiry concept taught me a lot about how powerful it is and how it can move individuals into taking ownership of their own learning in their world. I am considering going back into teaching.


A very powerful, succinct explanation. I like how you draw comparisons with your own experiences of creating understanding. I have shown this to my team today and plan to show the whole staff tomorrow - it's very beneficial to hear how others define Inquiry. Thank you for sharing your story. :-)

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