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  • DIanne _Hope-Ede

    Thank you Owairaka. What wonderful stories and thank you again for sharing those with the educational community. I am inspired and will be sharing your stories with our leadership team to add to activities our school undertakes in our equally rich multicultural environment.

    Anita _Singh

    How apt! Totally agree- what we expect from students, we need to display ourselves as teachers and leaders- meaning 'practice what you preach' or 'be the change you want'. it is not about teaching key competencies- it is about putting them into actaul practice- adult and students alike!

    Karen _McCLutchie

    Definite survival skills required in any community and especially in a rural community. A great way to kick start a year is to develop expectations on these key competencies on how we wish to be and be seen. These also need to be reviewed from time to time as teams evolve and used as a benchmark for review and situations that arise from time to time.

  • Tamara_Bell

    Wow-thank you for sharing such a clear and well defined definition of inquiry learning that is 'living and breathing' in schools today. This is a must watch for all of those kaiako out there who are still trying to see the purpose and process of really good inquiry learning for our tamariki. Ngā mihi nui!