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Learning to learn

This section draws together research, digital resources, and examples to support teachers as they consider the learning to learn principle. 

What the research says

“The curriculum encourages all students to reflect on their own learning processes and to learn how to learn.”
The New Zealand Curriculum

BES exemplar 5.

BES Exemplar 5: Learning logs - He kete wherawhera (PDF 1.6MB)
Using learning logs with senior secondary students, and how this strengthens student–teacher communications and accelerates learning.

In these videos, Michael Absolum and Guy Claxton share their ideas about the importance of learning to learn. They provide advice to teachers and some starting points for discussions about this curriculum principle.

Teacher and student at computer.

NZC Update 21
The NZC Update 21 provides resources to help schools explore the learning to learn principle. It also makes links to key research papers.

Learning to learn in secondary classrooms
This report explores teachers' practice and thinking about one of the eight principles in the New Zealand Curriculum, learning to learn. It draws on data from teachers' responses to NZCER's 2012 National Survey of Secondary Schools.

Pupils’ learning is more productive if it is reflective, intentional, and collaborative, practices which may not come naturally but can be taught and can lead to pupils taking responsibility for their own learning.
Black et al., 2006, page 126

Published on: 26 Mar 2012