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Tonga Language Week


Tonga Language Week takes place between Sunday 30 August and Saturday 5 September 2015. Tonga Language Week / Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga gives students of all ethnicities the chance to learn some basic Lea Faka-Tonga, and gives your students who speak lea faka-Tonga the chance to be experts in the classroom. This resource page provides ideas, resources, and inspiration to help you learn and celebrate lea faka-Tonga with your school community.

Maths Week logo.

Maths Week


Maths Week runs from 10 - 14 August. Maths Week is a national event organised by the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) to promote mathematics in New Zealand schools. Register on the Maths Week website for free resources, activities, and competitions for students of all ages.

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Cook Islands Māori Language Week


Kia orāna! Cook Islands Māori Language Week takes place from 3 August to 9 August. This resource page provides ideas, resources, and inspiration to help you learn and celebrate the languages of the Cook Islands with your school community.

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Secondary newsletters for term 3 now available


Term 3 e-newsletters for secondary middle leaders are now available. These newsletters offer effective teaching strategies, useful links for resources and exemplars, links to relevant readings, plus information about upcoming regional workshops and cluster sessions.

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Te Wiki o te Reo Māori


Māori Language Week takes place this year between Monday 27 July and Sunday 2 August. The kaupapa for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2015 is ‘Whāngaihia te reo Māori ki ngā mātua.’ We aim to encourage and support the language development of parents who can then whāngai the language to their children. 

This resource page offers ideas, links, and stories to help schools engage with their parents, families, and whānau to support the learning of te reo Māori in both the school and home environment.

But what happens when the week is over? This blog post highlights resources, tools, and school stories to help you carry the momentum of this one concentrated week of language learning into the rest of the school year.


2015 OTJ workshops in Reading and Writing


Registrations are now open for the new series of OTJ workshops to be held around the country in Term 3.

These full-day workshops are facilitated through the Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL).

The full-day workshops on Reading and Writing will support teachers using National Standards to use quality moderation practices and make valid and reliable OTJs of student progress and achievement.

Find details and registration links online


High Expectations - NEW exploration of the high expectations principle


This new section of NZC Online contains resources, tools, and examples to help schools explore the High Expectations principle.   


Inclusion principle package - NEW on NZC Online


This section draws together research, digital resources, and examples to support schools as they consider the inclusion principle.


Gifted Awareness Week


This week it is Gifted Awareness Week. Gifted Awareness Week encourages recognition and celebration of gifted people and the nature of giftedness.

The following two blogs consider the diverse needs of gifted students and offer ideas on how you can best support their learning:

I just want to fly – A metaphor for gifted learners
This blog, written by Vanessa White, uses the kea as a metaphor for gifted students. Vanessa explores how to create responsive learning environments so students can spread their wings and fly.

Giftedness and the Pasifika student
This blog considers Pasifika students and giftedness. It offers ten cultural identifiers for recognising giftedness in Pasifika students. Discussion questions and tools are also included to help you consider giftedness and Pasifika students at your school.


Matariki – The Māori New Year


In 2015, Matariki will start on 18 June. This resource page suggests ways to celebrate Matariki in your community.



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