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Physical education.

Health and physical education curriculum guide update


The health and physical education learning programme design section has been updated to include level 6 and 7 snapshots.

The arts.

The arts curriculum guide update


The arts senior secondary curriculum guide has been updated to include a new section, learning programme design.

Ministry of Education logo.

Ka Hikitia - renewed strategy released


The Ministry of Education has released a second iteration of its Māori education strategy called Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017.

This updated strategy aims to rapidly change how the education system performs so that all Māori students gain the skills, qualifications and knowledge they need to enjoy and achieve education success as Māori.

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017 is a revised strategy, not a brand new one. Its predecessor, Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008–2012, set the direction for improving how the education system performs for Māori students.

The revised strategy builds on the changes and success we have seen through Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008–2012. It celebrates success and accelerates the pace for more of it.

Read the strategy documents.

Conservation Week logo.

Conservation Week: 8 - 15 September


Conservation Week is run by the Department of Conservation each year to raise awareness of the benefits of conservation, and to encourage people to get involved. This year’s theme is ‘Celebrate Conservation Week! What’s your whānau doing?’ The aim of the special week is to get families and friends together to experience and care for the natural environment.

For schools, Conservation Week provides an opportunity to explore the living world strand of the science curriculum, the concepts of place and environment in the social sciences curriculum, the future focus issue of sustainability, and values such as community and participation, and care for the environment.

Here is a collection of ideas and resources to support your participation in Conservation Week.

Tongan flag.

Tongan Language week 2013 - Malo e lelei


In 2013 Tongan Language week runs from 1 September to 8 September. The theme for Tongan Language week is: Fakakoloa 'o Aotearoa 'aki 'etau Lea mo e Hiva Faka-tonga. (Enriching Aotearoa with Tongan Language and Music.) An online course is available for beginners.  

Report cover.

Increasing educational achievement in secondary schools


This national report presents the findings of ERO’s recent evaluation of the practices used in an initiative to support the improved achievement of a specific group of Year 12 students.

Students in classroom.

Developing the Breens Intermediate values


The staff at Breens Intermediate decided that they needed some kind of vehicle to tie their school together, something to help them to talk to the children about achievement, behaviour, and belonging. This was the beginning of the development of the Breens' values. These four digital stories explore the discussions, evolution, and testing of the Breens' values. 

Money Week logo.

Money Week, 1 - 7 September


Money Week takes place in the first week of September. This special week provides a great opportunity for teachers to explore financial capability with their students.

This blog post provides a collection of resources to support your school's involvement in Money Week, and ideas on how you can make financial capability an ongoing area of curriculum focus.

Flags of the world.

International languages week


Ni hao! Talofa lava! Bonjour!   

International languages week takes place this year from Monday 18 August to Saturday 24 August. This special week provides an opportunity to showcase and promote languages and culture in your school; helping students develop knowledge, skills, and values that equip them for living in a world of diversity.  

Here is a collection of ideas and resources to support your involvement in international languages week.

Hibiscus flower.

Cook Islands Māori language week


Cook Islands Māori language week takes place this year from 4 August to 10 August. This special week celebrates the richness of the Cook Island Māori language and culture. The theme for Cook Islands Māori language week is: Toku Reo, Utuutu `Ia: My Language, Nurture it. 



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