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Putting students at the centre

High expectations/inclusion

Students' potential is identified and encouraged in all aspects of their school life and their learning

Community engagement

Dynamic interactions between home and school life enrich the taught curriculum.

Learning to learn/coherence

Students are supported to make considered links between learning experiences and between and within ideas.

Treaty of Waitangi/cultural diversity

The curriculum is planned and resourced with a focus on the indigineity and distinctiveness of Māori and on the cultural diversity of all learners in the school.

Future focus/learning to learn

The curriculum that students experience supports them to imagine a positive future. Through practising decision making and leadership in a supportive setting, students learn how to contribute to the future by influencing the here and now in positive ways. Learning is envisaged as a journey from who they are now to who they might become.

Published on: 26 Mar 2010