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Priority learners

Montage of students.

The New Zealand Curriculum sets out a vision for all of our young people to become confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

The curriculum resources on this site are developed with this vision and New Zealand's priority learners in mind.

Priority learners are groups of students who have been identified as historically not experiencing success in the New Zealand schooling system. These include many Māori and Pacific learners, those from low socio-economic backgrounds, and students with special education needs.

ERO (August 2012)


New Zealand research reports about priority learners

Inclusive Practices for Students with Special Needs in Schools (March 2015)
This evaluation examines how well students with special education needs are included in New Zealand schools. It focuses on their enrolment, participation, engagement, and achievement and includes students with both high and moderate needs.

Understanding Special Education From the Perspectives of Pasifika Families (July 2013)
The aim of this report is to identify the strengths of current special education service provision; barriers to accessing special education services for Pasifika; and the extent to which cultural perspectives on disability and special education and the low numbers of Pasifika professionals affected engagement and satisfaction with services for Pasifika families.

Accelerating the Progress of Priority Learners in Primary Schools (May 2013)
This national report presents the findings of ERO’s recent evaluation about the extent to which primary schools were using effective strategies to improve outcomes for priority groups of learners.

Evaluation at a glance: Priority learners in New Zealand schools (August 2012)
This report is a synthesis of findings from a wide range of evaluations carried out over recent years by the Education Review Office (ERO).

Supporting TKI communities

TKI sites aimed at improving outcomes for priority groups of learners


Ako Panuku
Ako Panuku is a website that supports Māori teachers in ways that enhance their professionalism; and acknowledges the critical contribution they make to education and to the achievement of Māori students.

He Kākano
He Kākano is a strategic school-based professional development programme with an explicit focus on improving culturally responsive leadership and teacher practices to ensure Māori learners enjoy educational success as Māori.

Māori history in the school curriculum
This site is designed to give you access to materials that will assist in the implementation of Te Takanga o te Wā, Guidelines for Teachers Years 1-8.

He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora
This site offers an online multimedia resource for teaching and learning te reo Māori. The primary audience is students in years 1 – 6 learning at levels 1 – 2 of Te Aro Arataki Marau (the curriculum guidelines for te reo Māori).

Ka Mau te Wehi
This resource, for year 7 and 8 teachers and students, supports Māori language in schools.

Ruia school-whānau partnerships
This resource supports principals and other school leaders to improve outcomes for Māori students by working in educationally powerful partnerships with whānau.

Te Kotahitanga
Te Kotahitanga is a research and professional development programme that supports teachers to improve Māori students' learning and achievement.

Te Mangōroa
Te Mangōroa is a resource for English-medium schools. It is a portal to stories, reports, statistics, and reviews from across TKI and other sites that reflect effective practices to support Māori learners to achieve education success as Māori.

Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools
This site contains information and resources relevant to the teaching and learning of te reo Māori in English-medium schools.


Pasifika Education Community
This site provides resources, research, and other materials for teachers and school leaders to support the achievement of Pasifika learners and create a culturally responsive curriculum.

LEAP: Language Enhancing the Achievement of Pasifika
The LEAP resource aims to bring together all the factors that can support bilingual Pasifika students’ learning.

Special Education

Inclusive Education Guides
This site provides New Zealand educators with practical strategies, suggestions, and resources to support learners with diverse needs.

SE Online
This site is for school and early childhood educators of children or young people with special education needs.

IEP Online
IEPOnline is for anyone involved in developing or implementing individual education plans (IEPs) to support students with special education needs.

New Zealand sign language
This site provides a resource Thumbs Up! An Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language that supports the teaching and learning of NZSL as an additional language in English-medium schools.

Vision impairment
This information for teachers is about visual problems in children and alerts teachers to what they can do about an unidentified vision problem.

Updated on: 11 Apr 2016