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NCEA changes confirmed


The Government recently confirmed the final change package for NCEA, following a comprehensive review of NCEA and announcement of seven changes in May 2019.

There are two changes to the original proposed package and they relate to strengthening NCEA’s literacy and numeracy requirements:

  • the new, more robust, literacy and numeracy assessment will be offered to students from Year 9 onwards, rather than from Years 7 and 8
  • in some cases, exceptions to a single literacy and numeracy benchmark qualification without any alternative pathways may be appropriate – particularly for students with English as their second language.

Although no changes to NCEA will be implemented in 2020, the Ministry has started work to progress the changes. We’ll be working alongside teachers and other experts from the education sector, through subject expert groups, to develop the new achievement standards and resources across all NCEA subjects – starting with Level 1. 

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