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What does effective pedagogy look like in your department?


The New Zealand Curriculum provides guidance on effective pedagogy. Secondary middle leaders identify elements of effective pedagogy, review existing practices, and encourage new classroom approaches.

What the research says

NZC Update 7 - Te Kotahitanga (Published April 2011)
This Update focuses on findings from Te Kotahitanga and highlights how this programme is producing positive gains for Māori students by influencing leadership, teaching, and learning in participating schools.

Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling (published 6/03)
Quality teaching is identified as a key influence on high quality outcomes for diverse students. The evidence reveals that up to 59% of variance in student performance is attributable to differences between teachers and classes, while up to almost 21%, but generally less, is attributable to school level variables.

Effective Pedagogy in Social Sciences: Tikanga a Iwi (published 11/08)
This report is one of a series of best evidence synthesis iterations (BESs) commissioned by the Ministry of Education. The Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis Programme seeks to support collaborative knowledge building and use across policy, research, and practice in education.

Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics/Pangarau (published 2/07)
This best evidence synthesis in pāngarau/mathematics plays a key role in knowledge building for New Zealand education. As a capability tool, it identifies, evaluates, analyses, and synthesises what the New Zealand evidence and international research tell us about quality mathematics

Published on: 21 Jun 2012