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Te Mana Kōrero - Student voices

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In this clip from Te Mana Kōrero - Teachers Making a Difference, students talk about what they think makes a good teacher.


The person who sets the tone in the classroom is the teacher. What do students want from their teachers?

What makes a really good teacher is:

  • a teacher that communicates,
  • a teacher that understands where the kids are coming from,
  • a teacher that knows the kids’ point of view.

When you are not achieving at your best and you know it - you can do better - that they don’t give up on you, they stay with you and they guide you through, and they find a way that makes you learn a lot faster or understand it better.

Can you remember that one special teacher who seemed to know you best? The one who let you in on the secret, that you could learn. You could achieve.

There was definitely one person when I was at school that made a difference for me. Not only myself but there were many others as well that he influenced. He consistently encouraged us to do our best, consistently encouraged us, regardless of the stupid things that we did.

There was this fab high school teacher, History, and he, I don’t know, he believed in us. And he’d tell us that. At high school, when you’re a fifth former, bored out of your brains ‘cos you know that you’re just working towards an exam, he made things come really alive. He’d been to the places that he’d been talking about. He was way cool.

Published on: 18 Jul 2011