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What does putting students first mean?


Your department's culture exists within and alongside many other cultures, including the cultures of the wider school and the local community, the students’ peer culture, and the teacher’s professional culture. Nurturing these relationships matters.

What the research says

Students learn best when they feel accepted, when they enjoy positive relationships with their fellow students and teachers, and when they are able to be active, visible members of the learning community.

The New Zealand Curriculum

Increasing educational achievement in secondary schools
This national report presents the findings of ERO’s recent evaluation of the practices used in an initiative to support the improved achievement of a specific group of Year 12 students. 

Better than a professional? Students as co-contributors to educational design
Researchers worked with junior secondary students to consider teaching and learning practices in their schools.

Making sense of learning at secondary school: An exploration by teachers with students
This project shows the value of acknowledging the student as an important and authentic voice within the teaching–learning relationship.

Published on: 20 Jun 2012