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Learning conversations

Watch 'Albany Senior High School - vision and values'. Duration 7:39

Mark Osborne, the Deputy Principal of Albany Senior High School, discusses the school's vision and values and how these fit with the use of eportfolios.

Use the quotes selected from the video to discuss your department’s current approaches to engaging a range of people within the school community in talking about students’ learning.

'Once you’ve got that social interaction, you’ve then got a really powerful vehicle for engaging in conversations and feedback with those different people.'

'Openness, honesty and trust about sharing the learning rather than keeping it secret.'

'The families as part of our learning community – one of the next steps for us is that we are reviewing and changing our assessment and progress reporting this year. We are moving right away from paper reports.'

Use this video and these quotes to discuss some next steps and actions you wish to consider for future learning conversations.

Published on: 19 Jun 2012