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What makes an effective middle leader?

An effective middle leader is ...

In this video, secondary middle leaders discuss what they consider to be the qualities of an effective middle leader.

This grid displays some qualities of middle leadership gathered from New Zealand secondary middle leaders.

With your own situation in mind, place these qualities on a continuum from 'I do this well and often' to 'I need to give this more thought'.

  • If you are able, share your reflections with another middle leader.
  • Share the strategies you use for things you do well and often.
  • Discuss strategies and actions you could use to give aspects more consideration.
  • Arrange a future meeting to discuss your progress.
SML - Effective middle leadership tool.

If you cannot view or read this diagram, select this link to open a text version.

PDF icon. What makes an effective middle leader - discussion tool (PDF, 366 KB)

Published on: 19 Jun 2012