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Professional learning groups

Watch 'Tapatoru professional learning'. Duration 4:59

Mandy Irwin explains Tapatoru, the professional learning process that supports the community of practice at Edgecumbe College.

An effective professional learning community has the following characteristics:

  • commitment to learning for all
  • collaborative relationships among community members
  • shared values and vision
  • reflective and iterative inquiry
  • participation in networks and partnerships
  • commitment to sustainability and capacity building.

(source What is a professional learning community)

Watch the video and identify how Edgecumbe College has addressed each of these characteristics.

How are these characteristics reflected in your own professional learning community?

A professional learning community is an inclusive group of people, motivated by a shared learning vision, who support and work with each other, finding ways, inside and outside their immediate community, to enquire on their practice and together learn new and better approaches that will enhance all [participants'] learning.

(Stoll, Bolam, McMahon et al., 2005)

Published on: 19 Jun 2012