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What are your understandings about the directions set by the New Zealand Curriculum?

This tool focuses on features of the curriculum that are either new or given greater emphasis. The questions are designed for small-group or departmental discussion and as prompts for action.


Confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners

The New Zealand Curriculum begins with an aspirational statement describing the kind of attributes and dispositions we want to see in the young people graduating from our schools.

Considering your school vision, what is your department's vision for students?

How have students and others in the school community contributed to this vision?


The New Zealand Curriculum asks schools to be deliberate about values and prescribes a common but not exclusive core. Schools are also asked to be proactive in encouraging and modelling values and in giving students opportunities to explore values for themselves.

What steps could your department take to gain greater shared ownership and commitment to your school values?

What learning opportunities do the students in your department have to explore and demonstrate the school values?


The principles in The New Zealand Curriculum are the foundations of curriculum decision making. They are particularly relevant when departments are planning, prioritising, or reviewing curriculum.

How has your department developed a shared understanding of the principles and what this means for teaching and learning?

Key competencies

The five key competencies combine a range of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values that focus on developing dispositions for learning and for life. They are both means and end: people use the key competencies to further their learning and, through their learning, further develop the key competencies.

How do you nurture and develop the key competencies within your department?

How are you and your students monitoring development in the key competencies?


The section on pedagogy recognises that how we teach is part of what we teach. It provides a synthesis of the kinds of approaches that have been shown to consistently have a positive impact on student learning. It also provides a model (teaching as inquiry) that can help teachers conceptualise and improve their practice.

How do you support effective pedagogy in your department?

How has your department developed a shared understanding of effective pedagogy and what this means for teaching and learning?

The NZC and NCEA

With the publication of The New Zealand Curriculum there has been a major programme to ensure that all curriculum based standards align with the revised achievement objectives.

How have you considered The New Zealand Curriculum as you work with the newly aligned standards?

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Alignment of NCEA Standards with The New Zealand Curriculum

Published on: 19 Jun 2012