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How can you use the NZC as a driver for curriculum change?

What the research says

The NZC Update issue 11 summarises the findings of the Monitoring and Evaluating the Implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum (MECI) project:

'The research found that the two factors that most strongly influenced the degree of change in practice were the respondent's confidence (the single strongest factor) and her or his perception of the quality of internal support. This included collegial support from other staff, the teaching resources available, and the effectiveness of professional development organised and led by the school.'

Cover of report Final Evaluation.

Monitoring and Evaluating Curriculum Implementation: Final Evaluation Report on the Implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum 2008–2009 (published 01/04/2011)

This report presents findings from a national evaluation of the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum. The project sought to establish a national picture of implementation progress in English-medium schools in the first two years following the curriculum's launch.

Cover of report Curriculum Implementation.

Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies 2 (published 05/2011)

This study reports on ways in which innovative schools and teachers have been working to implement The New Zealand Curriculum across all three years of the project.

The Shape of Curriculum Change summary
Rose Hipkins' breakfast presentation covering the key findings from the Curriculum Implementation Studies (CIES) project and supporting resources.

Cover of report Synthesis of Research.

Implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum: Synthesis of Research & Evaluation (published 01/04/2011)

The revised New Zealand Curriculum was launched in November 2007, with schools required to give full effect to the curriculum by February 2010. Progress towards this has been monitored using evidence reported by the Education Review Office and research teams commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

Cover of report Curriculum Implementation.

Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies: Final Report (published 21/10/2009)

This final report provides an overview of the findings from the Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies (CIES) project.

Published on: 20 Jun 2012