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How can you use the NZC as a driver for curriculum change?

Examples from practice

Understandings of the direction set by the NZC

'Watch NZC as a driver' (Duration 3:19)

Judy Maw, assistant principal and network learning facilitator, discusses the importance of looking at the curriculum as a holistic document. In this video she explores the New Zealand Curriculum as a driver for curriculum change.

Student working with teacher.

NZC Update 9 - Effective learning pathways
The case study from Mount Maunganui College (p. 5) outlines how teachers give students choice in what they learn, enable students to see the relevance of learning to their own lives, and plan collaboratively across departments.

Departmental review and school review

Building for the future: New and changing secondary schools in New Zealand
This report by John Locke, former principal at Alfriston College, offers some valuable insights into how secondary schools need to be thinking about learning in the 21st Century.

Vision for students

Living the principle - Te reo me ōna tikanga at Rotorua Boys' High
Rotorua Boys’ High School has designed their curriculum based on tikanga and te reo Māori, making a difference for the school's Māori students.

Published on: 20 Jun 2012