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What evidence do you use to monitor your progress in achieving your goals?

The following two tools from Assessment online support schools to consider the steps involved in evidence-driven decision making:

The evidence-driven decision making cycle
It’s useful to think of an evidence-driven decision-making cycle as having sequential steps. These web pages explain and discuss each step in turn. You could use them in a meeting to discuss what evidence-driven decision making might look like in your department.

What evidence does a school have?
Use this information to consider the categories your department refers to as ‘evidence’ and how effective this is in building an accurate picture of the learning needs of your students.

If you support this culture of reflection and positive self-review, if you empower teachers to do this amongst themselves, then you also empower them to transfer it to the students in the classroom; and really that’s the ultimate aim of all of this.

Anne Coster, Deputy Principal, Wellington Girls College

Published on: 11 Jul 2011