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What drives your department's curriculum review?

What drives your curriculum review.

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PDF icon. What drives your curriculum review (PDF, 392 KB)

These are some of the drivers for curriculum review that may be found in your department.

  1. Individually, place these drivers on a continuum from those which you believe have more influence through to those which you believe have less influence on your curriculum review.
  2. In pairs or larger groups discuss your placement and any similarities and differences.
  3. Are you being driven more by internal or external factors?
  4. As a department discuss which of these drivers you would believe should have most influence.

Curriculum design and practice should begin with the premise that all students can learn and succeed … and should recognise that, as all students are individuals, their learning may call for different approaches, different resourcing, and different goals.

(NZC, p. 39)

Published on: 11 Jul 2011