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Shaping your career – How do you extend yourself as a middle leader?

Examples from practice

What learning communities are available to support you in your role as a secondary middle leader?


Claire Amos.

Extending yourself as a middle leader through an eFellowship

Claire Amos describes how becoming an efellow gave her confidence, expertise, and extended her learning. It opened the door to fresh leadership possibilities, and introduced her to vital new networks and professional opportunities.

Professional learning through Network Learning Communities (NLC)

'Network learning communities' here. Duration: 4.44

In this video, Iain McGilchrist talks about his involvement in a network learning community and how this has supported him in his role as a secondary middle leader.

Meaningful learning through curriculum integration – a secondary case study
Fifteen secondary schools have been involved in this NLC, which focused on integrating curriculum and breaking down the traditional secondary school silos.


NZC update issue 8 (PDF, 1 MB)

This update focuses on findings from the recent evaluation of the Network Learning Communities (NLC) initiative. This evaluation found that most of those involved in the NLC initiative were very positive about the support it had given them for curriculum implementation in their schools.

Published on: 21 Jun 2012