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Framework for implementing NZC


This framework may be helpful to schools reviewing where they are at and where they need to go. It gives suggestions for the discussions and documentation to support the development of a school-based curriculum.

The framework emphasises this is not a linear process and the starting point is always the students and their needs. Neither is the resulting school-based curriculum a completed task. Ongoing review will result in a curriculum that adapts and changes with the needs of the students, staff and community. The real learning and development comes from the rigorous discussions led with the full staff.

Word icon. Implementation framework (Word, 42 KB)

Discussion questions

Using the framework as a guide:

  1. What do we believe and value most about education?
  2. What are we doing really well and how do we know?
  3. What are the most pressing needs of the students and how do we know?
  4. What are the discussions we need to have?
  5. Which discussion is our most logical beginning point?
  6. How do we ensure the students'/communities' voice is heard in the decisions we make?
curriculum design and review