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Teaching and learning approaches

When teachers provide helpful feedback to let students know what they are doing right, and what and how they need to improve, students start to assess their own work more honestly, seek guidance from teachers, and begin to set goals for themselves.

School examples

Louise Field.

Growing the key competencies through the arts

Louise Field from Somerville Intermediate highlights the importance of the arts curriculum area for growing the key competencies.

Claire Amos.

EDtalks: Using teaching as inquiry to guide an eLearning action plan

Claire Amos talks about how the school is using a teaching as inquiry cycle to inform the eLearning action plans that will be implemented by professional learning groups in each of the school's curriculum areas.

Educational Leaders logo.

Principal's sabbatical report - Delwyn Bain

The principal of Maeroa Intermediate School focused her recent sabbatical on selecting suitable texts to enable year 7 and 8 teachers to support the exploration and teaching of virtues and key competencies.

Lisa Morresey.

Developing a middle school curriculum

Shared deputy principals at Fairfield Intermediate talk about their roles working to develop a middle school curriculum.

Angela White.

Angela White – Dispositions for learning

Angela White, head of middle school at St Margaret’s College, Christchurch, talks about the approaches they are using to develop learning dispositions with their students.

Educational Leaders logo.

Sabbatical report – Implementation of ICT
Phil Straw, Principal of Tokoroa Intermediate, outlines a variety of different approaches New Zealand schools have taken to the implementation of ICT.

Room 8 Melville Intermediate.

Room 8 Melville Intermediate School blog

This blog is designed to promote the work of students in Room 8 at Melville Intermediate School and includes links to a host of other school blogs these students are connecting with nationally and internationally.

Allanah King.

EDtalks: Connecting with the world

Allanah King talks about the benefits of 'opening the classroom walls to the outside world' through blogging, podcasts, and wikis.

Published on: 19 Jan 2012