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Evidence identifies the importance of fostering a classroom environment characterised by positive relationships between the teacher and students, and among students. Students and teachers alike are unhappy when there is friction and constant disruptions as it undermines ability to learn, sense of enjoyment and well-being, attitudes towards one another, to subjects, or to learning overall.

Discussion tools

These discussion tools can be used as starters to think and talk about the teaching and learning your students experience.

He Ara Tika.

Youth Mentoring Network - He Ara Tika

A Gisborne secondary school picked up this programme to give all students from year 10 upwards a teacher mentor. These mentors are the first port of call for parents and follow the students right through school.

Judith Baenen.

Judith Baenen - Adolescence: time of greatest change

Visiting US middle schooling specialist Judith Baenen speaks about the unique aspects of working with students at this stage of development.

Two students.

Te Awamutu - Rosetown Learning Community

This video was produced by 27 Year 6 to 13 students from the Rosetown Learning Community who have a clear message for their teachers and community about how they learn and what they want from school.

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Student views

Over 100 intermediate and secondary students were asked how they view learning, in face-to-face consultations throughout New Zealand between April and July 2004.

Published on: 18 Jan 2012