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Evidence identifies the importance of fostering a classroom environment characterised by positive relationships between the teacher and students, and among students. Students and teachers alike are unhappy when there is friction and constant disruptions as it undermines ability to learn, sense of enjoyment and well-being, attitudes towards one another, to subjects, or to learning overall.

Review questions

These self-review questions have been developed from the body of research within this website. They are designed to support schools to promote further discussion about the topics raised.

  • What processes are used to regularly inform the school about the quality of teacher-student relationships? How do we know we are gathering useful information?
  • What on-going support is provided to both staff and students in building positive relationships?
  • How are teachers encouraged to share aspects about themselves with their students in building trust?
  • What information have we gathered and used from How good is my school? (NZCER)

Published on: 18 Jan 2012