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Knowledge of adolescent development

Adolescence is a time characterised by significant physical, social, emotional, and intellectual change for young people. Teachers of middle years students should be aware of and take into account the particular developmental needs of the young adolescents they teach.

Review questions

These self-review questions have been developed from the body of research within this website. They are designed to support schools to promote further discussion about the topics raised.

  • How does knowledge about adolescent development inform the support systems and structures that are in place in the classroom and the school?
  • What roles do the older students in the school play in terms of mentoring students in academic, social, and emotional contexts? How are these students supported to be effective mentors?
  • What roles are given to students to develop their appreciation of diversity and social responsibilities (key competencies)?
  • Is there a role for friends and siblings to play in student support?

Published on: 19 Jan 2012