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Factors that influence student engagement

When students feel valued by their teachers and peers, believe their current learning is important and relevant, and have the self-belief, learning, feedback and self-regulation strategies to make progress, they are more highly motivated and engaged in learning.

Discussion tools

These discussion tools can be used as starters to think and talk about the teaching and learning your students experience.


Future Worlds

In this Youtube video, 14 year old Cheryl talks about what the reality of being a learner in a future world will feel like for her.


NZCER 2010 Primary and Intermediate Schools National Survey

This survey was conducted (July 2010) in a random sample of 350 schools and includes the views of principals, teachers, boards of trustees, and parents on a range of issues. This report provides a snapshot of the overall patterns.

Lane Clark.

EDtalks: Real learning; It's bigger than inquiry

Lane Clark explores the processes of learning while taking a lighthearted look at some of the current practices within many of our schools.

Penny Bishop.

Dr Penny Bishop - Disengaged learners

In these two clips, Dr Bishop speaks about effective strategies for engaging middle schooling students and disengaged learners.

iCould - It just shows what you can do

iCould is a website for young people, giving them inspiration and ideas for their future. It includes videos of successful people talking about their life journeys.


Better than a professional? Students as co-contributors to educational design

NZCER developed workshops to support small groups of students (mostly in years 9 and 10) in two girls’ schools to undertake small-scale research on their own and/or others’ views and experiences about learning and school.

Graeme EVans.

Graeme Evans - MYSA

In this clip, Graeme Evans, MYSA president, discusses the philosophy of middle years schooling and how Australia is working to develop effective programmes for students at this level.

Tony Ryan.

EDtalks: Tony Ryan discusses engagement

In this Edtalk, Tony outlines activities and strategies, and shows the clear connections with the NZ key competencies.

Russell Bishop.

EDtalks: Russell Bishop – culturally responsive

Russell Bishop, Professor of Māori Education at the University of Waikato and director of Te Kotahitanga, talks about the need to provide a classroom context where caring and learning relationships, paramount to the educational performance of Māori students, can be developed.

David Anderson.

EDtalks: David Anderson – Enacting the vision: Teacher beliefs

David Anderson, Co-director of 'Hands On Educational Consultancy' discusses the importance of having a vision for our young people so that they will thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Sharon Friesen.

EDtalks: Sharon Friesen – New roles for teachers

Sharon Friesen addresses a number of misconceptions about 21st century teaching, and discusses the instructional practices and expertise required of a teacher in today’s classrooms.

Educational Leaders logo.

Engage me or enrage me: What today's learners demand

Marc Prensky argues provocatively that the current, wired, technology-savvy generation of students are engaged everywhere in their lives except at school.

Published on: 18 Jan 2012