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Review questions

These self-review questions have been developed from the body of research within this website. They are designed to support schools to promote further discussion about the topics raised.

  • What transition processes are in place with contributing schools to support all students and ease student anxiety and sense of isolation?
  • What opportunities are there to meet with teachers at contributing schools to promote shared language and expectations?
  • What information do we give about each student’s academic, social, and emotional development in order for it to be valued by the contributing and receiving school?
  • How is it utilised by all teaching staff?
  • What opportunities are in place for teachers to share their expectation of learning with other teachers?
  • What moderation processes are in place to ensure consistency of teacher judgment within and across classes and across other school settings?
  • How do teachers respect and value the relationships students have developed with their colleagues and previous teachers?
  • How are early career aspirations elicited from students to help guide learning pathways?

Published on: 19 Jan 2012