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What the research says

Student playing guitar.
  • Effective communication or partnerships between schools and teachers in the different education sectors has many benefits for a school community overall.
  • Teachers who have the opportunity to spend time working or observing in another sector report being enthusiastic about the benefits of this; including better understanding the ongoing needs of their students and the ways in which teachers in different situations from themselves work.
  • Cross-sector partnerships are particularly important when students undergo transition, such as from primary or intermediate school to secondary school.
  • Effective liaison between teachers and schools at transition, amongst other things, helps ensure curriculum continuity, more accurate assessment of students’ learning needs, a wider understanding of different approaches to teaching and learning for middle years students, and greater scope for meeting students’ social and pastoral care needs.

Evaluation at a glance: Transitions from Primary to Secondary School combines current research with findings from recent ERO reports about students' transitions between and through schools. The report discusses the important pastoral care and learning support processes needed for successful transitions.

PDF icon. Evaluation at a glance: Transitions from Primary to Secondary School (PDF, 733 KB)

Published on: 19 Jan 2012