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International capabilities


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This page lists print and online resources to support the understanding and development of international capabilities. Schools can use the resources to help design a curriculum that enables students to be active and effective members of intercultural and international communities. 

Curriculum design

Asia knowledge
This TKI community encourages schools to design a school curriculum that provides opportunities to learn about Asia.

Asia NZ Foundation – Curriculum resources
This collection of teaching resources can be used to help your school include a focus on Asia.

Being Part of Global Communities – BCUSS series
This book discusses what it means to be part of global communities. It examines the concepts of global communities and globalisation. It considers why these concepts are important, explores ways to develop understandings about these concepts, and includes three unit outlines that illustrate some contexts and activities you could use with your students to develop these understandings.

You can download a copy of this BCUSS publication from the Social Sciences Online homepage

Learning languages guides
This site houses the draft teaching and learning guidelines for learning languages in The New Zealand Curriculum. These guidelines are designed to support teachers to develop programmes of learning for specific languages for students from curriculum levels 1 – 4.

Senior secondary learning languages guides
These teaching and learning guides provide support for senior secondary language programmes.

Pasifika Education Community – Pasifika languages
This section of the Pasifika Education Community provides Pasifika language resources for schools.

Islamic practices observed by Muslim students: Guidelines for New Zealand schools (PDF)
This resource is designed to help New Zealand schools with Muslim students, in their understanding of some of the Islamic practices their students may observe during school time. 

PDF icon. Islamic practices observed by Muslim students at school (PDF, 543 KB)

Guide to basic Muslim etiquette (PDF)
This guide shares information about Muslim values, customs, and festivals. It serves as a guide only so do check with your Muslim families if you are not sure as there may still be some cultural differences.

PDF icon. Guide to basic Muslim etiquette (PDF, 65 KB)


A leap into life
This Education Gazette story describes how students from Darfield High strengthened ties with the French through language and gained an authentic learning opportunity as well.

Chinese language case studies
These case studies focus on New Zealand schools that run Chinese language programmes, and people involved in Chinese language learning in New Zealand. They provide advice and tips about language learning for principals, teachers, and students.

Engaging Pasifika families – Owairaka School builds a fale
The staff at Owairaka School have explored ways to build deep connections with the many cultural groups and families at their school. This story tells how the community worked together to bring an element of Samoan culture to the school in the construction of a traditional fale.

TKI communities

Learning languages
This TKI community provides professional learning opportunities, resources, and key links for learning languages.

Social Sciences Online
Social Sciences Online is the website for teachers of social sciences in New Zealand.

New Zealand's international relationships

New Zealand's export markets
This resource from the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise website offers concise information on more than 30 of New Zealand's export destinations.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade
This website offers information about globalisation, international and regional organisations, and relations with other countries.

Awards and scholarships

Ministry of Education Language Immersion Awards
The Language Immersion Awards are funded by the Ministry of Education and support the development of language skills considered necessary for New Zealand to move toward a globally-connected economy.

Asia NZ Foundation – Scholarships for students
This page provides information about Asia-related scholarships and grants for New Zealand secondary and tertiary students.


Global competence: Teaching young learners to take action
This website explores how language immersion, global competence, and vibrant professional-learning communities enhance student learning at Seattle’s John Stanford International School.

Taking IT Global
CORE's Suzie Vesper describes the Taking IT Global project, a website offering the resources and tools to network with students from around the world. She also talks about TIGed, an education space where teachers can set up a virtual classroom.

International publications

Finding Common Ground – Enhancing Interaction Between Domestic and International Students
This Australian report explains what can be done to harness the potential of student diversity and how to build collaborative learning between domestic and international students.

Education for Global Citizenship – A Guide for Schools
Education for Global Citizenship encourages students to develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed for securing a just and sustainable world in which all may fulfil their potential.

Asia Society – Global competence
This article discusses the knowledge and skills that students need to be globally competent.

Published on: 26 Jun 2014