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International capabilities

Where do international capabilities fit in the NZC?

Student and teacher discussing work.

International capabilities are how the NZC key competencies look when young people apply them in intercultural and international contexts. Therefore international capabilities fit within conversations about the teaching and learning of the key competencies.

The New Zealand Curriculum also provides several other links to international capabilities.

  • Vision: Our young people as "international citizens"
  • Principles: These foundations for curriculum decision-making include cultural diversity and future focus. One future focus is learning about globalisation
  • Values: Students should be encouraged to value innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, diversity, community and participation, and respect

Key competencies in international and intercultural contexts

Key competencies in international contexts table.

This table maps out how each of the key competencies and their self-reflective dimensions might look in three hypothetical international and intercultural contexts. These possibilities were developed in 2013 by NZCER as part of their exploratory study for the Ministry into international capabilities. They were used to stimulate discussion in workshops with students, teachers, and a group of professionals from different sectors. Schools can reflect on and add to the possibilities as they unpack the range of ways that international capabilities are understood, characterised, and developed.

PDF icon. KCs and international contexts (PDF, 233 KB)

Published on: 26 Jun 2014