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Education for sustainability

Education for sustainability

Sustainability is a critical issue for New Zealand – environmentally, economically, culturally, politically, and socially. We need to learn how to live smarter to reduce our impact on the environment for future generations.

Learning experiences


Learning areas


Chocolate: Fair Trade and Hauora

This activity sequence explores trade and distribution of resources in the cocoa industry. Students can understand how their choices impact on other people and communities, and learn to take actions to improve the hauora (well-being) of cocoa producing communities.

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Health and physical education

Social sciences


Waste timeline

What is waste?  What happens to it?  What can we do about the mounting pile of resources being sent to landfill?  This experiential learning activity gets students thinking about all these questions and what they can do to reduce their impact on the earth.

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What’s waste got to do with conservation?

Students view and reflect on artwork made from plastic waste gathered from the Pacific Ocean. This could be used near the beginning of an inquiry into waste, conservation, or consumerism to generate questions about the effects of waste on ecosystems or to explore links between consumerism and conservation.

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Social studies

The Arts



Transform – a visual arts based investigation of waste

In this art based lesson series, students explore and experiment with transforming waste materials using sculptural ideas, while growing their knowledge of waste and its environmental impact.

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The Arts



Sustainable Options

This sequence of activities challenges students to examine what is "sustainable" and what to consider in making this decision, using the context of electricity production in New Zealand.

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Science 6-8

Digging around for a good idea

Using numeracy as a basis for decision making, students design a school or class garden, and work out how to put their design into reality.

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All 2-3

Updated on: 02 Jul 2020