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A policy sets out the principles of the school’s approach to career education and guidance. It helps maintain a consistent approach to career education and guidance over time and ensure its connection and coherence with other school policies.

A policy can explain the purpose of career education in the school and how this relates to the school’s broader educational philosophy and practice. It can explain the theoretical basis for career practice.

A policy will articulate the outcomes the school wants for students before they leave school. It may explain the school’s distinctive features (eg. geographic and ethnic) that will influence its programmes.

The policy could explain the school’s broad approach to providing career education and guidance and how it will be co-ordinated and managed.

'There are three strands to our career education and guidance policy:

  • developing effective career partners – students, staff, parents and the community
  • creating career pathways – the learning and future pathways plans that students maintain with their whānau teachers
  • making career connections – with a focus on school subjects, each student’s aspirations and life beyond school

Careers thinking is integrated into everything we do, particularly in pastoral care and also in the classroom. There’s complete staff buy-in.'

Head of careers department, One Tree Hill College

Published on: 04 Aug 2009