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Government organisations

Career Services rapuara

Career Services is a government organisation that aims to provide all people living in New Zealand with access to the best careers information, advice and guidance to achieve their life goals. This means promoting the importance of career planning at every stage of a person’s life.

Career Services offers a range of services to schools from year 7 onwards. These services include:

  • free access to career information and advice through the Career Services website and advice line (0800 222 733 or text CAREER to 434)
  • review of current career education and guidance programmes
  • analysis of students’ career education needs
  • assistance to develop strategy, policy, programmes and resources
  • development and delivery of training for staff
  • seminars for parents and students on career literacy
  • customised guidance and pathway planning for individual students or groups, including Māori and Pasifika.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education determines policy to meet government priorities for education and manages educational investment across the compulsory school sector. This includes pathway and transitions funding such as the Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR).

Ministry support to schools includes an advisory service run through School Support Service providers. This service provides advice to schools on developing learning pathways, using in-school resources such as the Careers Information Grant, Gateway and STAR, and on including career education in school structures and classroom learning.

Tertiary Education Commission

The Tertiary Education Commission manages government’s annual investment in the tertiary education system. This includes learning pathways programmes such as Gateway, Youth Training, Training Opportunities, Rangitahi Māia, Tupulaga Le Lumana`i, and Modern Apprenticeships.

Work and Income

Work and Income provides employment assistance to job seekers and income assistance to those in need. Its website details the services it provides and includes access to a job search database. It also links to the StudyLink site which outlines support for tertiary students through student loans, allowances, and the Unemployment Benefit Student Hardship.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority co-ordinates national qualifications. Its website provides information on approved courses and qualifications, National Qualifications Framework Unit Standards, NCEA Achievement Standards and Records of Achievement.

Local government

City and district councils carry out community and education initiatives within their local regions. Information is available on their websites or they can be contacted through local telephone directories.

Other ministries and departments that can assist

These include:

Tertiary education providers

Tertiary education providers – universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, wānanga, and private training establishments – can provide calendars and prospectuses on their courses and programmes and information on various sources of funding. They have general recruitment and liaison staff, and many also have specialist liaison staff for Māori and Pasifika people and people with disabilities.

A list of tertiary providers, including their addresses and information on how to contact them, is available on the Career Services website.

Industry training organisations

Industry training organisations set and maintain training and education standards within industries. They have valuable information on industry requirements and training pathways for students to consider. Many have staff available to attend events or visit schools. A list of contacts can be located on the Industry Training Federation website.

Business, industry and service organisations

Business, industry and service organisations may be able to provide support and partnership to the schools in their regions in different ways. Students' skills and knowledge of the workplace can be enhanced through visits from speakers, school visits to workplaces, mentors and by opportunities for work experience. Sponsorship, grants, or awards for learning and education may also be available.

Contacts can be made through business and telephone directories, through Business New Zealand or through regional business affiliates such as chambers of commerce.

Parents and community groups

Many schools value the contributions of parents, caregivers, family and whānau to their career education programmes. These contributions are enhanced when parents are provided with the appropriate environment, training and support. Parents may provide one-to-one support to students, have a role in classroom activities, or have a role in school or community events such as careers evenings and expos.

Community groups are set up to meet specific community needs. Links with church groups, youth centres, sports and other groups can be useful for schools. They can be located through community directories and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Independent career consultants

In most areas, career advice and guidance services are available through independent career consultants. Contact details are in the Yellow Pages under Careers Advice. It is very important to work with credible consultants who are professional members of groups such as the Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) or the Careers and Transition Education Association (CATE).

Published on: 04 Aug 2009