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Why study technology?

The aim is for students to develop a broad technological literacy that will equip them to participate in society as informed citizens and give them access to technology-related careers. They learn practical skills as they develop models, products, and systems. They also learn about technology as a field of human activity, experiencing and/or exploring historical and contemporary examples of technology from a variety of contexts.

Technology is associated with the transformation of energy, information, and materials. Technological areas include structural, control, food, and information and communications technology and biotechnology. Relevant contexts can be as varied as computer game software, food products, worm farming, security systems, costumes and stage props, signage, and taonga.

Published on: 08 Apr 2014

Supporting TKI communities

Technology Online

A site dedicated to all those with an interest in technology education in New Zealand, with examples of contemporary teaching and learning and curriculum support materials.

Technology in the NZC explains the knowledge and practices underpinning the learning area's three strands and eight components, and stresses the importance of technological literacy.

NZ Senior Secondary Curriculum Guides – Technology
Helping teachers create quality teaching and learning programmes.

Digital technologies

Digital technologies in the curriculum
In The New Zealand Curriculum, digital technologies will be recognised as a part of the Technology learning area from the beginning of 2018. In Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, it will be recognised as a whenu (strand) within the Hangarau Wāhanga Ako. Learning in digital technologies will link to learning across all Learning Areas and Wāhanga Ako.

Enabling eLearning has a support section to help educators get prepared.