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Schools carry out curriculum review in diverse ways, choosing different aspects to examine more closely in response to identified priorities for learning. Here are some possible areas of focus to help you in your review journey. These areas have overlaps; as you begin to explore one aspect of your school curriculum it is likely that other aspects of practice will be considered.

Within each of these possible pathways you will find review tools for your school community, research, key resources, and examples of what the focus area could look like in practice.

  • Use the NZC principles to guide changes to your school curriculum.

  • Focus on values teaching in response to the needs of your students and communities.

  • Consider how the key competencies are promoted and developed in teaching and learning.

  • Explore teaching and learning in a particular learning area or across learning areas.

  • Examine the types of teaching approaches that impact positively on student learning.

  • Ensure clear learning pathways for students as you design and shape your curriculum. 

Published on: 16 Apr 2014