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Tongan achievement standards


The Ministry of Education, with NZQA, is developing achievement standards for lea faka-Tonga. Selected schools have been invited to trial the new assessment resources between August and October 2013. All stakeholders will receive further information about the standards and assessment resources in November.

The Pasifika Education Plan 2012-2017, and The New Zealand Curriculum underpin the development of these standards. Ko Fakahinohino ki he Lea Faka-Tonga, The Tongan Language Guidelines provides the curriculum framework supporting the teaching and learning of lea faka-Tonga as an additional language in New Zealand schools. (See also: Tongan Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guide.)

Levels 1 and 2 achievement standards and resources will be available for use in schools from 2014, and level 3 from 2015.

CORE Education Ltd is managing these projects for the Ministry of Education. Please contact Elizabeth Craker or Mary Anne Mills if you need further information.