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News of May 2015

Tapa cloth.

Samoan language week


Samoan language week takes place this year between 24 and 30 May. This resource page offers ideas and resources to help you get involved.

The New Zealand Flag – Your chance to decide.

The New Zealand flag - your chance to decide


New Zealanders have the chance to decide in the upcoming flag referendums - whether to keep the existing flag or choose a new design.

This resource in English and te reo Māori is designed to help teachers, leaders, students, and whānau as they engage with the flag consideration process in their school community. 

Within the resource there are links to The New Zealand Curriculum, resources to help explore personal and national identity, and ideas to guide the replication of the referendum process within your school.

The resource caters for students from years 1–10 and can be adapted to suit the learners in your classroom.